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Join our monthly Subscription and become a member of a community focused on the health and wellbeing of their pets. In each shipment you’ll receive food, supplements, treats, and a toy that foster a healthy bond between you and your pets, all conveniently delivered right to your home.

Your subscription package has been carefully hand-picked to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for your pet and to help you bond together. Our selection of food and treats is a wholesome diet to give your dog the best continued nutrition as they grow. Our toy helps promote an energetic playtime and increase the human-animal bond between you and your family member as you grow closer together and foster the love between you that only comes from care and attention.

As part of your membership, each month you will receive:
  • Heartland Naturals Dog Food
  • Heartland Naturals Multi Vitamins
  • Mystery Treat/Chew
  • Mystery Toy
  • Vetcare Telemedicine Lite

But our subscription packages aren’t just about the products we offer – they’re also about fostering the love and connection between you and your furry family member. We understand the unique bond that exists between pets and their families, and we believe that our products can help strengthen that bond by providing opportunities for quality time together.

So why wait? Join our community today and give your pet the gift of health and happiness with this Subscription.

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